How to use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

In today’s society we live in an era where if a marketer is not utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their marketing strategies, they are already lagging behind. AI not only helps marketers execute their strategies but also helps to form business objectives. It is a very important tool for marketers as it removes the human error factor, delay, human bias and small errors. Eventually, AI is going to be an extension of human brains and even run our cars without a driver. For inspiration, here are some examples of how you can implement AI systems in your marketing strategies:

  1. Chatbots: This is pretty much Siri/Google Assistant or Alexa on a website or app. You don’t need to ask questions during opening hours, or wait on hold for someone to be available to talk to. Chatbots are designed to be included on a chat screen on a website, or social media site, to chat with consumers and answer any questions they may have. As well as to serve the user and converse with them to help them on a variety of topics, and fulfil their information needs.
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2. Recommendations: One of the best examples of AI. And something that is done extremely frequently is to analyse consumers activities on the internet and in apps, and then recommend your products and content to create more spend and times on other websites you may be interested in. In this case, marketers look for ways to engage with you as they want you to spend the maximum amount of time on their website or app without using a salesperson to get you there but just by analysing what you are interested in.

3. Voice Search: Use the major players already curated voice search programs, such as Google, Amazon and Siri instead of attempting to create your own. So half the job is done for you. Voice Search is going to change SEO strategies, and brands should try to keep up to date. Organic traffic can be created at high levels to brands that perfect voice search, which will lead to high purchase intent.

4. Content Optimisation: In the social media world, people who share care. Consumers who click, rate, like, share and comment want others to see relevant, valuable content. You can AI technology to optimise content based key insights and an in-depth analysis, again the job is done for you. It helps build visibility and drive traffic to your website.

All signs lead to the possibilities of using AI to boost your brands marketing strategies and overall achieve your marketing objectives. Whether your company is a startup or you’re a successful business, embracing AI technology can work wonders to your profitability.

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