The Paradox of Technology in Digital Marketing and how to avoid it…

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The world of digital marketing and technology is an amazing place that is constantly evolving at an exponential pace. It is hard for marketers to try to keep up with the pace and actually understand the changes. This constant new technology is a paradox: it is both confining and liberating. A lot of questions brands are trying to understand are, how do we incorporate all the new channels and technologies in a marketing mix? Does it achieve a Return on Investment?

So the way I see it is that brands have two options, firstly the can do nothing and let it be…after all it will change again tomorrow anyway! Or they can focus on the basics and re-evaluate their strategies and get to work! If you choose the second option, you should keep open-minded and willing to learn. So now that you are open-minded and willing to learn here are a few ways marketers can avoid ‘the paradox of technology’:

  1. Know your audience: Never start programming before you know who you are designing your marketing strategies for. It just defeats the purpose of planning and setting objectives in the first place. If you don’t know your users, you won’t ever be able to eliminate the paradox of technology, because you will never understand their technological abilities. Create prototypes, and sets of people to test your ideas.
  2. Don’t distract your consumers/users: Keep it simple. Short and sweet. To the point. These sets of three words can make a lot of difference! Determine the functions needed by users and consumers and make them easily accessible to them. Ensure you find all of them and don’t miss any. Find the features that will genuinely work, and don’t be afraid to let some good ideas go, and learn from that and adapt it to another idea. If you leave some features out, others can be more salient and possibly more intuitive. Make sure you prioritise your features and then put them into categories to be certain you are correct in your selection.
  3. Focus on the user experience: With the amazing range of new technology, everything seems to be a bit impersonal. We don’t truly communicate, we ‘instant message’ or tag each other in a ‘meme’. We consume a lot, but don’t stop to appreciate everything. We have the chance as producers and designers to make our marketing user experience, easy and user friendly. You can also make it fun and exciting, with a personal aspect. Things that will allow users to learn new things, and face new, non-confronting technologies.
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I do believe that the new technology is a paradox. While it offers us some great opportunities for advancement, it also confines and confuses us as to what to do and how to go about doing it. However, through utilising these ideas you can minimise and even eliminate the paradox of technology for your users.

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