Now the Strategy of Email Marketing

When brands want to communicate about their brand or sell products, email marketing is a great, inexpensive way to do so. However, a lot of companies are unaware of how to effectively stand out in a usually full inbox. So here are some strategies to help you!

Firstly, people ask how do you begin to find an email list? The largest investment is building and maintaining an engaged subscriber list. To create an email list; you should create a signup form on the website you use, so that when consumers visit the website they can see what you are about and if they want to subscribe. A good idea is to have a pop-up window so that when visitors visit your website the ‘sign up’ window is the first thing they see. Companies should also drive their signups through social media outlets (such as posts and stories on Instagram) so that all audiences are encouraged to sign up. While some people buy email lists, it is definitely not recommended.

It is also important to segment your list of subscribers. Not all subscribers want to see the same discounts or new products as others. Therefore knowing what each subscriber is interested in, based on selection of interests or previous orders, is incredibly important. As you are not going to get through to a tech ‘pro’ with new dresses.

Further there is little to no point in having email marketing, if no one actually opens your email. Therefore, improving your email open rates is extremely crucial. Firstly, companies should avoid spam filters, if you are using a non-reputable email service provider it is likely that your emails will fall into spam folders, and likely not be seen by your audience. So make sure your consumers have opted-in to the emails, send emails through verified domains, personalise tags (such as to: name) and avoid ‘sale’ language, such as discount, clearance or cash.

Test your email marketing before you send. Try A/B testing if you are torn between ideas. That could be a subject line, a photo or the content written. Run them both and then compare their performance. That way you can find out what works best and then once you know this information you can officially send it out to all your subscribers.

While this is only a few ideas on how to start and improve your email marketing strategy, they are key points that should be noted for a successful email marketing campaign.

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  1. Great post! I think call to action buttons that instantly draw the attention of users is also a key component of a good email marketing campaign. But, I guess the first step is getting users to open the email…


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