Virtual Reality in Digital Marketing. Is the next big opportunity already here?

You may have only really heard about Virtual Reality in the ever popular movie, ‘The Matrix’. And whilst watching that movie you may have thought “wow this is crazy”! Well, that crazy is now upon us. While regular people don’t quite understand VR and how it operates, 75% of the top world brands have already […]

The Strategy Behind Great Social Media Marketing

There are a million different social media accounts in every industry for all categories, so the question is, how do you make your account/page stand out from the crowd? Here are some steps your business can take to build your following in 2019: Set Social Media Goals, particularly S.M.A.R.T. goals. Without establishing objectives and goals […]

The Paradox of Technology in Digital Marketing and how to avoid it…

The world of digital marketing and technology is an amazing place that is constantly evolving at an exponential pace. It is hard for marketers to try to keep up with the pace and actually understand the changes. This constant new technology is a paradox: it is both confining and liberating. A lot of questions brands […]

How to use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

In today’s society we live in an era where if a marketer is not utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their marketing strategies, they are already lagging behind. AI not only helps marketers execute their strategies but also helps to form business objectives. It is a very important tool for marketers as it removes the human […]

The Strategy Behind Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising the content, the technical systems and reach of your website so that your company appears at the top of the search results for a specific set of keywords that have been entered. By using SEO it attracts a higher volume of visitors to your website to […]

The role of Facebook in the death of 50 innocent people…

On the 15th of March at approximately 1pm in the town of Christchurch, New Zealand, a white supremacist opened fire in two mosques, leaving 50 worshippers dead. One of the attackers live-streamed the entire attack on Facebook in a live 17-minute video. This video showed him selecting his guns of choice and shooting multiple people […]

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